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Waiting for Curry

CAM Productions have teamed up with Twilight Theatre to bring you "Waiting for Curry", a new comedy drama by Susanne Crosby.

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Ever wanted to tell someone how you really feel?

One evening, two couples, and a lot of history.

Wine flows as they wait for their takeaway: they share more than intended... an evening that changes them and their friendships forever.

Tickets available through Hove Grown Festival

Projects in Progress

"Days" by Susanne Crosby - Some days you'll remember, some days you can't. A new thriller to keep you on the edge of your seat!

"Emily" by Susanne Crosby - following previews in December 2012, Susanne is continuing to develop this one person play.

"Magpies" by Susanne Crosby - the national award winning short play. Young Emma meets pensioner Roy by chance in Eastbourne. Roy is remembering growing up during the war in Eastbourne with his best friend who was an evacuee. As they talk it's clear they have a lot in common - is this coincidence or is it fate?

"Double Exposure" by Steve Darvill - Brothers James and Alex were close growing up until Alex suddenly moved away. 20 years later and just as suddenly, Alex is back, totally involved in the lives of James, his wife, and daughter: a lovely family surprise, for a while…

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updated: 6 March 2017