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Who and what are CAM?

From writing the script to sculpting the set; from programme design to casting the actors; we produce every aspect of our own Theatre production.

Pictured (left to right): Vicky Darvill, Steve Darvill, Susanne Crosby, Andy Crosby

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CAM is a company which bridges the gap between professional and amateur theatre. The team have substantial professional training between them. According to definitions, CAM falls into the Pro Am - Professional Amateur - category: striving for excellence and producing shows of the same level as professionals.

CAM prove that you can provide a classy and professional product while having great fun.

The Production Team:

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What interests us are stories. Stories are part of every culture all over the world. We all love a good story. It's why we go to the theatre, or watch a film or television, or read a book or magazine. Our passion is bringing these stories to life.

Our stories can be funny, poignant, bittersweet, or suspenseful; sometimes even quite "dark". We hope to get you talking with each other about what you've just seen. Above all, you will be entertained. Watch one of our shows and let us work our magic.

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