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Kiss of Doubt

by Susanne Crosby

17, 18, 19 March 2011

Pictured (left to right): Susanne Crosby, Steve Darvill, Dee Sharpe, Ian Bratley, Tracey Fotheringham, Andy Crosby, Victoria Hughes

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Kiss of Doubt

Is the past ever really the past? How easy is it to re-kindle a relationship from the past - even if you are happily married? How far would you go to keep adultery a secret?

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Three couples, all friends from school, and still friends 20 years later. But there are secrets, and Jane walks in on her husband Mike, with Lucy, who is married to Peter. Or does she? As the other friends rally round to help Mike and Jane, secrets start to be revealed which have laid buried since they were at school. How much have they all changed since they were at school, and at what price? Did Jane really see Mike with Lucy, or what did she see?

Pictured above (left to right): Susanne Crosby, Steve Darvill, Dee Sharpe, Ian Bratley, Tracey Fotheringham, Andy Crosby, Victoria Hughes

Cast & Production Team 2011

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Cast (in alphabetical order):

Stage Management: Becky Jukes, Andy Crosby,

Sound & Lighting: Vicky Darvill

Front of House: Vicky Darvill, Becky Jukes

Director: Susanne Crosby


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Audience Feedback

We received great feedback from audiences, thank you to everyone who came to see it. The only negative feedback we received was the amount of (and time spent on) scene changes. This was a valid point and something we have taken into account for the future. In the meantime, here is some of the written feedback we received, thank you all once again!

"Great play on Friday at the Pavilion!... Brilliantly acted and a good twist at the end" Mr & Mrs H, Hailsham

"Saw the show last night and both really enjoyed it. Well done to all of you" Mr & Mrs S, Seaford

"We were all really impressed with the play. Well done" Mr S & friends, Hailsham

"My wife and I came to see the performance on Sat 19th March at The Hailsham Pavilion... We both thought, as mentioned to you at the time, that it was an excellent play which held everyone’s attention right to the end due to your clever weaving of the possible outcomes. We enjoyed it very much and feel it could easily sell in the West End or tour with one of the major companies in the UK. It is a good story which, as shown by your company, works well on stage. We wish you lots of success, and thank you for a splendid evening" Mr & Mrs H, Eastbourne

Peewees Creative Hairdressing Supports "Kiss of Doubt"

This is what Peewees had to say. Check out their website, they really are a fantastic hairdressing experience! Peewees - Brighton, Burgess Hill and Manchester

"One of my lovely clients from Brighton is an established award winning playwright. Her name is Susanne Crosby. She has her latest play ..KISS OF DOUBT on at the Hailsham Pavilion in March. The 17th to the 19th March are the dates, doors open at 7pm. All proceeds will be donated to the charity Rett UK...For details If you would like to see the play & support the fundraising go to or phone 01323 841414.......Good luck Susanne, the world needs more people like you.....respect."

The Red Lion in Eastbourne Supports "Kiss of Doubt"

We were fortunate to be supported by our friends: Caroline and Alan at the The Red Lion Pub in Willingdon, Eastbourne; they provided us with rehearsal space in their lovely function room. The pub is warm and welcoming and we have enjoyed the pub food. Thank you again, Alan and Caroline!