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Midnight Rain

by Susanne Crosby

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Terry brought his daughter Jennifer up the best way he knew: by protecting her.

Then she meets Nick, who shows her a different world…

Suddenly she can be whatever she wants to be. But as she changes, everyone else has to change – or face the consequences.

This psychological thriller is set in the 60's with flashbacks to the 40's and 50's where the central character: Jenny, grew up. The production and soundtrack echo a fast paced drama, showing the consequences of both upbringing and the choices we make as adults.

This play was first performed at the Brighthelm Theatre, Brighton: Thursday 24 - Saturday 26 April 2003.

Cast & Production Team 2003

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Director: Susanne Crosby

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Stage Management: Emma Marshall, Jackie Humphrey

Lighting: Ian Tester

Sound: Kiesa Elliott