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One of Them

by Susanne Crosby

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We all make assumptions about people when we first meet them. How many times are we right?

Set in a Hotel lobby in Eastbourne, "One of Them" introduces Emma: the Receptionist who has views on all who enter the Hotel. She, like all of us, forms impressions of all the people she encounters: with funny and unexpected consequences.

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"One of Them" is a sometimes funny, sometimes poignant short play concerning some people we might make assumptions about.

CAM was invited to perform on Eastbourne Bandstand as part of the Queen's Golden Jubilee Celebrations in 2002.

Top Photo (left to right): Susanne Crosby, Lisa Barnard. Bottom photo (left to right): Steve Darvill, Andy Crosby, Emma Marshall.

Cast List 2002

(Alphabetical order): Lisa Barnard, Daniel Chandler, Andy Crosby, Susanne Crosby, Steve Darvill, Keisa Elliott, Emma Marshall.

The image below shows an excerpt from the leaflet of Jubilee festivities on Eastbourne seafront, featuring CAM (bottom centre).

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