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Dick Whittington Meets Puss in Boots - Pantomime

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by Susanne and Andy Crosby

The Story So Far...

Puss has finished the "Puss in Boots" Panto. As a reward for her good deeds, a Magic Fairy granted half of her only wish, which is to become a woman, not a cat. We meet her on the way to London, in search of more adventures, and to find a way to have the rest of her wish granted...

While Dick Whittington and his Cat, are travelling from London, disappointed that they could not make their fortunes there.

Dick doesn't know that his destiny is to become Lord Mayor, in his very own Panto, but then Dick doesn't have a clue about anything very much...

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Panto for Charity

Following the success of the Victorian Murder Mystery in November 1999 which raised money for Children in Need, the Meridian Players performed an adult pantomime: "Dick Whittington Meets Puss in Boots" for charity on Saturday 11 March 2000. All proceeds were given in equal parts to the Lewes Holiday Play-scheme and Cancer Research Campaign. Over 430 was raised: huge thanks go to everyone involved and all those who supported so generously.

Above photo: back row: David Bristow, Alison Turner, Richard Slyman, Rupert Wells, Peter Sison, Molly Mockford; middle row: Andy Crosby, Susanne Crosby, Emma Marshall, Trace Barnes; front row: Steve Darvill, Sally Buxton

Cast & Production Team 2000

Photo (left to right): Andy Crosby, Steve Darvill, Trace Barnes

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Cast in order of appearance:

Technical Support - Annie Ravenscroft

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Above photos (left photo, left to right): Molly Mockford, Rupert Wells; (right photo, left to right): Steve Darvill, Richard Slyman, Andy Crosby, Rupert Wells