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We all have theatre, writing and project management backgrounds, and all live in East Sussex. We were all looking for new theatre productions to go and see - something to inspire us and entertain us. We had difficulty finding this... so we formed a company to create them.

Pictured (from left to right): Vicky Darvill, Steve Darvill, Susanne Crosby, Andy Crosby

Some History?

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Pictured: Andy Crosby, Susanne Crosby, Steve Darvill and Emma Marshall

In 1999 Steve Darvill met Andy Crosby and Susanne Crosby (then Sannerstedt) when they were part of a team putting on a Murder Mystery for charity at the Meridian Pub in Lewes. Steve had been discussing setting up a Theatre and Film company with colleague Daniel Chandler, while working on different productions at Seaford Little Theatre. The beginnings of CAM Productions was formed.

Since then, various people have been involved in the production team. Emma Marshall was a crucial core member of CAM Productions and is still involved in the wider team.

Since the beginning in 1999, Andy, Steve and Susanne have been devoted to CAM Productions. When Vicky and Steve met in 2003 and then married in 2006 it was inevitable that Vicky would become as committed.

And Now?

We established ourselves in 1999 as a talented, skilled and professional team and since then have gone from strength to strength. Our focus on producing new and innovative work has won us the acclaim of our peers as well as audiences.